Many approach tarot for divination, seeking insights into the future or a spiritual connection. While my practice respects these perspectives, I focus on tarot as a tool for self-exploration and transformation. In life, we often face themes or directions we wish to cultivate but may not know how. It could be a problem we aim to solve or an ambition we want to pursue. I don’t promise to give you all the answers in an hour. Instead, it's about cultivating a relationship with your goals, exploring the nuances of your situation, and immersing yourself in the theme that matters to you. We start by understanding the present, delving into knots and complexities, and calibrating ourselves to engage deeply with the subject. You leave with valuable time spent on what truly matters, refined questions, and actionable insights.

While I don't make grand promises, it's common for the reading to evolve into practical suggestions or prescriptive insights. The goal is to feel a push towards a particular direction, offering wind at your back as you navigate your chosen path. If you have a theme in your life that deserves attention, a desire to deepen your relationship with it, and improve your understanding, this is the space for that work. It aligns with the principles of deep meditative practice, providing inspiration and a unique perspective on approaching life's complexities. If this resonates with you, feel free to reach out. Let's have a conversation and explore whether this practice aligns with what you're going through. I believe it can be beneficial for most people, most of the time.

My approach blends the wisdom found in the symbolism, archetypes, and imagery of Tarot with the dynamic force of creative problem solving. In navigating life's complexities, I embark on a journey of investigation, unlocking potential solutions, exploring diverse perspectives, and envisioning the various angles of an issue. Through this fusion of ancient insights and modern ingenuity, I strive to illuminate pathways and project potential courses of action for those seeking clarity and guidance.  The readings I offer are designed to help you find clarity, embrace your potential, grab opportunities, discover insights and gain a deeper understanding of your journey and the paths that lie ahead.

Themes I Can Help You Explore:

Problem Solving & Decision Making: Explore different aspects and angles of your choices and decisions. Gain insights into the possible outcomes and the paths that align with your aspirations.

Relationship Dynamics: Delve into the dynamics of your relationships, whether romantic, familiar, or friendships. Consider how to nurture healthy connections and navigate challenges.

Personal Growth: Discover how you can evolve and develop on your journey through life. Uncover the qualities within you that can lead to greater self-awareness and fulfilment.

Life Transitions: Walk through life's transitions with a fresh perspective. Whether you're starting a new chapter, feeling stuck or facing unexpected changes, we'll explore how you can embrace these shifts.

Empowerment: Find the tools you need to empower yourself and make choices aligned with your values and aspirations. Express your strengths and potential.

Booking &  Pricing:

I'm available to meet face to face in London (UK)
or remotely on Zoom.
Prices: 30£ for half an hour / 60£ for one hour​​

For more informations and to book an appointment, feel free to connect with me via Whatsapp or by this form.

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Mirko Gabriele Adami. I'm a Holistic Thinking Practitioner whose unique practice blends a rich heritage and diverse global experiences. I was born in Italy, the birthplace of tarot, and my roots trace back to a lineage of tarot readers, with the art and wisdom passed down through generations. I pursued education in architecture, music, colour, and graphic design, spending over two decades as a Creative Director, Design, and Art Director across continents. My career journey led me to live and work in Asia for several years, where exposure to different cultures profoundly broadened my perspectives on people and societies. In the corporate realm spanning Australian, British, American, Singaporean, Chinese, and Italian Branding and Advertising agencies, I played a pivotal role in defining brand narratives and design languages for diverse projects. As a true global citizen, I navigated the intricacies of international markets, bringing a nuanced understanding to creative endeavours. In parallel to my design career, I am a multidisciplinary artist with a deep interest in psychology, philosophy, and cognitive science. Delving into conceptual art, visual art, and music, I made the conscious decision to transition into full-time work as an artist and consultant. In my journey of working in the creative environment and solving problems creatively, I came to a profound realisation: the techniques and approaches I honed, initially intended for the creative industry, proved to have a broader applicability to a much wider range of challenges. This realisation has further enriched my approach as a practitioner, allowing me to bridge the gap between creative thinking and practical problem-solving in various aspects of life.